6-Word Question

Ahmet Polat

Would you recognize God before you?

I am not speaking of a specific God, for I understand and respect you may embrace another from me. In truth, I know some of you believe in no God at all.

So I will make no mention of name variations, children of God, etc.

Just know this share is in reference to a God of positivity.

So the question remains, would you, or I recognize God, or might we in our opinionated and/or somewhat brainwashed concept of the same, overlook what is before us.

First and foremost this is neither an easy or straight forward question to reply to is it?

Considering the limitless abilities, and what that entity may want us to see in that instant.

I think about this often, for on rare occasion I could swear I have been in the company of greatness.

I think about it because I recognize that sometimes the understanding, vision, and ability I might capture for an instant, is not my own.

Being curious in nature, I just wondered if you might have similar thought.



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