Photo: Myicahel Tamburini

A tale and a treat I have for you, a twist familiar, but a story new.
It begins long ago in a place and time not yours to know.

Riddle, it may seem, but I tell it true, this fable familiar; but new to you. So began our journey. End this story of nursery and liars den. Word of caution, words of warning, you might be a character within this yarn. So listen attentively if you care to return or I leave you behind to be butters churn.

No need to get ahead of ourselves, child; now, now calm yourself. I jest. Consider it part of the story dress. Remember, I’m the Woodland Fairy, the very best! Doesn’t that put your fear at rest?

Let’s turn the page in my magic brew, so I may bring this wildly exciting story to you.

All episodes.



Acton Crawford

“Yes, he told me he had found evidence against him.”

“We think the bad cops used it as an excuse to have all the loose ends in one place so they could clean up their mess.”

No, it can’t be Davis is smarter than that. I refused to give up hope. “You have evidence of it.”

“Just speculation at this point Sir.”

“Do you have any idea how widespread the corruption is?”

“Sir it appears to span several states. Looks like they’re using devil worship as a smokescreen.”

I punch the glovebox.

“I was there. That was no smokescreen. We were fighting for our lives, I tell you!”

We pull into the hospital parking lot and up to the main entrance. The agent remains steadfast.

“Sir, we need to get you treated and tested.”



Kristina Paukshtite

We leave and more agents arrive in mass, I look over to Madly and he gives me the nod.

Once in the car, he speaks, “You and Davis did good, very good, I hope we can find him.”

“When’s the last time you heard from him?”

We drive off for the hospital and the agent continues.

“Sir, you will be sharing a room with the woman who was exercised.”

“Jaclyn? Is she OK? What about the father?”

“I’m afraid he didn’t make it Sir. Both he and the other woman were dead.”

I should have stayed, maybe I could have helped prevent his death I tell myself.

“Sir, after interviewing the woman I believe you too would now be dead if you had remained.”

“What about Davis?”

“We’re still investigating, but it seems his coworkers sent him to arrest the fiancé.”



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