Photo: Myicahel Tamburini Pexels.com

A tale and a treat I have for you, a twist familiar, but a story new.
It begins long ago in a place and time not yours to know.

Riddle, it may seem, but I tell it true, this fable familiar; but new to you. So began our journey. End…




Suliman Sallehi

Clouded glass with a blue cast is this month’s moon.
Silent in the still of frigid, Feeds my sadness.
Timeless beneath stars twinkle.

I am another of its owned shadows.
Captured, in cutout, one-dimensional.
Unaware, uncaring, unmoved.

Anything but unfeeling.
Lay upon the glisten of untouched snow.
Like branches and shrubbery, a part of the backdrop.

Another unnoticed shade of charcoal.
Against the moon’s lattice, I am flat in comparison.
Pale against its blue, luminous blanket.

Bathing, our eyes.
Chilling, our souls.
Until transparent, beneath its grandness.



Water by another name

Victor Serban

Anxious is the first to fall, and slow is the others to follow.

Thaw, is a cautious process in weather and heart alike.

Swelling until footing is lost, the first has little choice.

Fear is always at the ready in memory of the past.

A season…




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