Photo: Myicahel Tamburini

A tale and a treat I have for you, a twist familiar, but a story new.
It begins long ago in a place and time not yours to know.

Riddle, it may seem, but I tell it true, this fable familiar; but new to you. So began our journey. End this story of nursery and liars den. Word of caution, words of warning, you might be a character within this yarn. So listen attentively if you care to return or I leave you behind to be butters churn.

No need to get ahead of ourselves, child; now, now calm yourself. I jest. Consider it part of the story dress. Remember, I’m the Woodland Fairy, the very best! Doesn’t that put your fear at rest?

Let’s turn the page in my magic brew, so I may bring this wildly exciting story to you.

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Ihor Malytskyi

“What the hell is wrong with you Sir.”

Then I feel the car strongly pull to the right and abruptly stop.

“Madly where is Jacklyn, where is the other vehicle.”

“What’s up with you, have you lost your nerve?”

I feel the anger growing inside of me. “WHERE IS JACKLYN!”

He laughs and pulls back onto the street at a high level of acceleration.

“You have nothing to worry about Ken, she is safely on her way.”

“On her way to where?”

“WITSEC, we have it covered.”

I realize he is talking about witness protection. “Am I joining her?”

We enter the expressway and I have no idea where we are headed.

“Am I joining her?”

As I turn to look out the side and then back window I see Marcela in the back seat shaking her head side to side No.”



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