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There are no magic words

or clever rhyme

to stay the aching of the heart

or silence of the night void of sleep or peace

which haunts until sun finds you

solitary to greet the new day

in hope of new love to ease the pain.




Photo: Myicahel Tamburini

A tale and a treat I have for you, a twist familiar, but a story new.
It begins long ago in a place and time not yours to know.

Riddle, it may seem, but I tell it true, this fable familiar; but new to you. So began our journey. End this story of nursery and liars den. Word of caution, words of warning, you might be a character within this yarn. So listen attentively if you care to return or I leave you behind to be butters churn.

No need to get ahead of ourselves, child; now, now calm yourself. I jest. Consider it part of the story dress. Remember, I’m the Woodland Fairy, the very best! Doesn’t that put your fear at rest?

Let’s turn the page in my magic brew, so I may bring this wildly exciting story to you.

All episodes.



Of the unnatural kind

Ruslan Rozanov

“Like what Ken, maybe I can help.”

“Full name, service number, the branch of service, conflict(s) served in, date and place of birth, and date of death if he or she is deceased.”

“Yeah, that’s not going to happen.”

“Agreed, hey did Marcela keep any photos at your place?”

“OMG, I’m an idiot, yes she has a box of them.”

“How’s that steak?”

“Great, want a taste?”


The pooling red juice on her plate looks anything but inviting to me. Jaclyn has the look of a wild mustang, eyes glazing at me.

“You’re not eating, is the fish ok?”

“It is very good, just trying to figure things out.”

Her attention is intense as she consumes every last bit of the steak, leaving all the side dishes.

“What do you have so far?”

“I’ll know better after the photos.”



Of the unnatural kind


We pull up in front of a steakhouse where Jaclyn announces she is famished.

“No Cantonese?’

“I crave meat when anxious.”

She had a wild playful piercing look in her eyes.

“Steak it is then.”

We head in where I get to see a different side of Jaclyn, the instinctual predator who likes her steak warmed not cooked.

I order salmon to which both the waiter and Jaclyn give me the stink eye.

Jaclyn stresses she wants her steak medium rare making the waiter repeat it back.

“I thought you liked steak?”

“Love it, but I can think better if I eat light.”

“Yes, you have a lot to think about.”

“How do I go about finding a photo of Marcela’s fiancé?”

“State Department would have business records, what about his service record?”

“Privacy laws make it difficult requiring much knowledge.”



Of the unnatural kind


She’s right again, for a brief time I had forgotten I was a prime suspect, forgotten I had been visited by a ghost, forgotten about the inhuman voice which had taunted me.

I dress and hang that velvet robe across the back of one of the kitchen chairs.

Jacklyn enters looking no worse for wear.

“Forgetting something?”

I nibble the nape of her neck, then earlobe before kissing her trying to reach her heart with my tongue.

She rests her head against my shoulder.

“I meant you might want to comb your hair, but that was nice.”

I finger comb my hair “Better?”

“I put a new toothbrush in the bathroom, use it and the comb.”


She smiles timidly and smacks my butt as I leave the room.


“Much better, let’s go.”

“Do you have any decent Cantonese restaurants?”



I am far away

Alex Gruber

Farther than you can see

Farther than the sky to sea

I doubt you can even see me.

I am far away

Is that why you don’t look at me?

Is that why you can’t seem to hear me?

I doubt you can even see yourself.

I am far away

More than a year.

Less than a day.

All you have to do is ask me to stay.

I am far away

Can you make it outside yourself?

Can you see the way?

I doubt you can escape.

I am far away

Just say my name.

Just see my face.

Just hear my words.

I am not so far away.



The drops pound away.

Milada Vigerova

The Rain has stopped.

Outside my window, but not inside my heart.

Life hasn’t been the same, since the day we parted.

The Sun has shined brightly.

Or so They Say.

Frankly, Cheryl, it doesn’t matter anyway.

Blackened Sun, Starless Nights.
Wondering Alone.
Night onto Day.

I can’t survive, I can’t feel life.
Without your arms.
To hold me tight.

They tell me summers here.

Spring has just sprung.

Feels just like yesterday, and day before that was sung.

Fall is calling me.

In scene and grey, even bursting colors.

Can’t chase this shadow away.

Blackened Sun, Starless Nights.
Wondering Alone.
Night onto Day.

I can’t survive, I can’t feel life.
Without your arms.
To hold me tight.

They say the rain has stopped.





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