Amazon Alexa Replicates Dead Relative’s Voice

Tara Winstead

I work in I.T., I know I should be excited as spit over news such as this.

But my first reactions are not comfort, positive excitement, or awe.

Some will consider me a kill joy after this, or Debbie downer, or old school pessimistic.

To them I say, so what, who cares.

The fact that the general public can use a short sound byte with AI to RE-Create a voice, sorry folks but it has trouble written all over it.

OK, in all fairness, the potential to have trouble written all over it.

Sure I would love to hear from my lost relatives, news-flash, this is just a digital voice clone.

I can definitely see sleep deprived parents using their voice to read to the kids at night, so both the parent and child can see who falls prey to the sandman first.

Kidding aside my concerns go a little deeper, considering human behavior this presents the perfect opportunity for some to take advantage of both children and adult.

A whole new breed of bullying, virtually speaking.

Since AI can do the same with video, well once that is generally available life will certainly get more interesting in a brain torque kind-of-way.

Every day now I am amazed at our struggle to decipher the truth from media of all types.

Think about it, this raises the play of field.

To bad I didn’t have access to these tools while in school, I could have been the perfect student.



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