Ricardo Esquivel

Hers was a voice of kind, reaching out to give support and a place of opportunity.

At the time a moment large for I was fearful, unsure and without sense of my ability. Clueless of expectation, competition, and how I might prove worthiness.

If not for the brief simple message of belief in me, I am confident I would have moved on.

Odd how such a small encounter could pack such a payload while instilling a feeling of familiarity with someone outside my social, professional circle. None the less it did, in fact it rippled into other areas which ultimately helped me in deciding to write more.

On occasion I would receive short message towards area of improvement, or something noticed I might expand on.

As distant and detached as it was, the interaction was of great help in moving me forward, in somewhat restoring my faith in mankind.

How fortunate we are to know these special individuals. I give thanks.



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