I have with myself
3 min readJan 4, 2023

I listen but I am unable to hear my guide, or any sign of life beyond this place called earth. I was not always notch deaf, there was a time I could easily step across the veil to places few can even imagine exist.

I can not even feel or hear those trapped here, dead but far from it. I can tell from the look in your eyes you suspect me crazy, I hardly blame you. I once felt very much the same before understanding the connection of all living things.

Ah, a spark of curiosity, I was sure I had lost you. Let me clarify for I am not just speaking of all living things on your planet. The look of ‘your crazy’ has returned I see, please hear me out.

What if this planet as you know it is like an onion, and each of the skins is a parallel instance allowing for infinite outcomes of the same event? Now lost has entered your eyes, let’s start with something more primitive.

You told me earlier your loved one had passed.
Do you still feel like they are near?
Do you hear them sometimes?
Do you sometimes feel items in your home have been moved by someone else?

What if I offered that death is just a threshold and not the end, would you be open to that? We are energy and energy may not be destroyed only altered, therefore what if we just change form.

If we change form are we in a different dimension?, or the same dimension on the planet that our brain has learned to filter out. If the former are all the dead in the same place, if the latter is the earth dimension a location for a specific kind of dead. Are the dead still alive as we know life in one or more variations of the onion skin.

The likelihood of life on other planets seem quite reasonable but what if alien life forms live here. On the ocean floor perhaps or what if they reside on one of the onion layers as another possibility. OK remaining within the box what if they live on another planet. Are the tied to us in some way, why would they have interest in us otherwise? Maybe the earth has resources no longer available elsewhere.

What if we are the aliens, what if what we suspect as being beings from other planets is actually us in our quest of curiosity from another time. What if from another variation from another onion skin. What if their interest in us is that they seeded the planet earth, or manipulated our DNA.

All of it seems pretty far fetched doesn’t it until you look closer at our very own science and theory.

Who really authored A/I, what if it is another seeding to change the world, or add another variation to the onion seed. What if it has been introduced to clean-up an unintended mess we have made of the planet.

When I hear the voice speak to me like now, is it I, myself or another.
If another, where is it coming from?

Why do I ask so many questions?



Patient of life, attempting to heal oneself by Quill. Transitioning from a profession of technology.