Eternal waves crest


Landing upon heavens sands

Quino Al

And if I wish upon a star,

No matter if it near or far.

I wonder

My voice be heard this very night,

In confidence or torrid fright.

I wander

The vastness of the velvet skies,

Creamy clouds which hypnotize.

I’m humbled

Beneath moons blu which cast and light,

Frost the dark to hearts delight.

I am spellbound

Gentle breeze of ocean scent,

Your love of me is heaven sent.

I kneel

Another day you gift be mine,

Of ocean sand unworldly time.

I am grateful

So we share stars shimmering plight,

Of sunlit days and darkest night.

I’m honored

Wish be sent reach heavens gate,

The morning light once more I wait.


Note: A special time and place within the reach of all who ask.