Everything has a reason,

and a voice.

2 min readApr 23, 2024
Eva Bronzini

Life offers all of us diversity in experiences. Based on our need to grow our light in each life here on this big blue marble.

Often the experiences present themself in hardship, be it physical or emotional, and they bear such weight we are swallowed whole for a time.

Rarely, but for the sake of transparency. Some of us are never quite the same from the experience, becoming nothing more than walking wounded.

So we drag the baggage with us and have knee-jerk reactions out of fear, sometimes simply out of muscle memory, because we know no better.

But once in the greatest of whiles, we are given a chance to do good for others by letting the wound weep crimson freely.

For those brave enough to put compassion before pain, something good is born from something not, and truth rises to the top.

We open someone else’s eyes so they may stop the bleeding of another worthy soul without concern for our vulnerability.

We then realize our pain while in hiding. May have purpose and has not been felt in vain.

There is a certain freeing, knowing you might be part of starting another human on the path to healing. A comfort in thinking they may not face further hurt because of your experience.

When you do this often enough and for the right reasons, you earn self-healing that unbinds you from oppression. We create our prisons in ignorance without being aware. But can tear down these same walls with compassion for others.

Life’s reality, as you may call it, aka 3d, May be different than you perceive. Each of us is groomed, in a manner of speaking, to what our world is as we grow up.

Some individuals like Albert Einstein and Neville Goddard offer us alternative food for thought. In a world where thought outside the bell curve may soon be in danger of extinction?

Remain true to yourself.

Be kind. It costs you nothing, and the ROI is unfathomable.





Patient of life, attempting to heal oneself by Quill. Transitioning from a profession of technology.