Hate is a fickle lover.

Have you been kicked to the curb?

2 min readMar 30


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Back in the day, as my father sometimes said. Hate was a picky little thing polarizing the usual suspects. It had a healthy diet choice of ethnicity as its mainstay with special order items like spousal or animal abuse.

But times change, and hate wants to grow and dominate like many competitors. Stop for a moment and look around you, no seriously, focus for five. Please think about the first time you began to recognize, and see hate in motion.

Now return to the current day and think about how many examples in play you see today. The growth potential mapping is unbelievable. Invert the condition momentarily to gain a different perspective.

How many areas of life can you list where hate does not exist?

Are there any butterfly haters, hum? OK, granted a poor example, but I think you Catch my drift.

Watching the news, grocery shopping, driving to work, you name it. I see examples of hate rearing its ugly head. Let me ask you another question to ponder.

Do you believe our government, media, and churches, to name a few? Condition and lead us into favoring one thing over another to the point where we begin to dislike what is left.

Ah, yes, and then there is politics. Enough said.

I wonder what kind of world we would have if love replaced that same model.

I understand that for each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, or sometimes an even greater one required, to keep the life playing field even.

I am not totally naive, but have you ever considered the yield of investing with love equally or more than the hating current out in the wild?

Just food for thought. Thanks for riding along while I think out loud.

Maybe I’m off the Mark (pun intended).

What are your thoughts on what you see transpiring these days?




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