Hello Friend
Come In

I am a private person to a fault, I have been most of my life.
While I could lay blame in my upbringing, I suspect genetics and personality also a factor.

This trait tends to skew others evaluation of me for most lean more towards TMI then silence.
I’m often amazed at what I learn in the first five minutes of conversation with others.

I realize I am a little outside the norm in being so, for better or worse, what you don’t see is what you get.

That said I am not without clue, to you the reader or listener if song is at hand and mine.
I am neither rock nor island, but do realize it does appear so on average.

I freely admit to be a sort of paradox considering my career in information technology, while concurrently loathing being online in effort of sharing my stories. Safely, in solitary listening to the hum of the servers and HVAC system behind locked doors has become habit, not a particularly good one either.

I love to read your blog or shares while clap, comment and conversing with you. Doing the same when I am the subject can be painful, not unlike visit to the dentist. I now know the worry beforehand outweighs the actual event.

If you have managed to remain awake to this point you are probably wondering if I have a point. YES, yes I do!

YOU, you are the point and THANK YOU is the message.
In spite of my shortcomings and hesitance, you stand by me.

As of this moment 500 of you are willing to follow me and tolerate my remaining in shadow.

Even with me being ill, not publishing any content for over a day, my bell icon numbers grow.
YOU are amazing!

This is a lot for me to swallow, especially considering it was just last week having to admit to being human.

Before I return to bed, which btw I also hate when word begs my attention, before I do what I must to regain health. I wanted to reach out to you my medium friends.

I want you to know how grateful I am of your notice, how wonderful it is to think 500 hundred people are willing to take their time to read my words.


I also want to take this opportunity to thank Katie Michaelson’s Daily Cuppa, and all my friends there who correct my errors making me look good. I know they are a large part of my progress.

Psst, I have friends on the DL who privately point out my messes for correct, I thank them for the incognito kindness.

I promise to sneak back soon to read my bell comments and your shares. I must return to bed before my spouse catches me and kicks my A$$.

Thanks Everyone, I am truly humbled.



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