A limitless resource.

2 min readApr 12, 2024

We pause to catch our breath.

In doing so stay much longer than expected. In a place of self-induced isolation and looking inward.

While there is little fault in the savor of such pause. Life spins by without us, looking back for no one.

Sometimes healing requires time, not the linear increments of reality. More so the spacious limitless expanse of dreams-cape. You see on occasion we are unaware of what troubles us. In the rarest of cases, a lifetime may pass in search of clarity.

We only know something is amiss, but struggle to identify the cause. Flounder to understand this void which seems impenetrable.

Until we come upon the quantum entanglement of another such soul in search of answers. Who somehow manages to capture our attention while sparking a thirst to know life once more.

Even on the surface life is anything but simple. When you consider the manifestation undercurrent and weight of each person’s belief system. You realize the complexity of what it presents to us.

All too often we focus on what is lacking, what we want, or how impossible it might be to secure what we deem as required.

We develop notch blindness missing out on all the beauty before us.

The universe is speaking to us. Presenting resolution through this individual bound to us in quantum entanglement. Who can heal and grow us for the next step in our life’s progression.

Some may view this as hope in motion. It may very well be, who am I to judge? I believe hope is an resource unending.

I see this individual as a key to unlocking happiness. So I must trust what the universe presents to me. Sometimes above the fear, logic, hesitation, and disbelief I harbor.

For what is hope without the trust in a higher order?




Patient of life, attempting to heal oneself by Quill. Transitioning from a profession of technology.