Is love the habit,

and sex the drug?
2 min readMar 31


Dương Trần Quốc

All of us the addicts.

Does it concern you that the numbers exceed Opioid abuse and Meth combined? Should you be frightened we are conditioned from birth to crave the warmth of love, and no matter how often we experience the habit and its drug, we seek more.

You should have more worry over my headline and spin on things, than the condition itself.

I would offer that no matter your entry point into relationships, be it admiration, love, or pure animal attraction. I find it interesting how each of those can sometimes have a common destination and ultimately land you at love’s door.

Quite fascinating if you give it any thought.

I admit there are cases where that same point of entry leads to nothing but despair. Worse yet, a heartbreaking train wreck ending.

But those percentages aside, love and its partner’s passion are the perfect storms. One Walter White and Jesse Pinkman wish they could own breaking of the bad in real life.

Both are age-old and in the pages of scripture as well as history. Yet many of us use and misuse as if the latest designer drug each day.

Now that is one powerful and potent habit.

Almost as if a higher power is trying to tell us something.



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