Loss of control

Life’s little reminder


Life has a cruel but effective way of reminding us of how little we have control over.

Just as I comment to myself things can not get much worse, life shows me my ignorance.

I guess the most important thing is to remember what we have and/or had.

In place of the struggle to keep it so.

I am a fighter, and would never recommend walking away or giving up.

Only that sometimes, the memory is more deserving in giving you footing.

Each day we face our demons, and I suppose head-on is best.

I must admit, a break, even the shortest of one, is required at times for a breather.

I have been through enough to know, that it is not always what it seems.

In the end, I must entrust the one in control of everything.

So it is this morning, after a less than perfect weekend.

Tired, hopeful, and willing to listen one more day in learning.

After all, I am but a student.



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