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2 min readMay 20, 2024
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Keep the coffee coming, please!

I doubt it alone will bring me near productivity, but it’s worth a try.

I have always been a do what it takes, never give up kind of guy. While this may sound storybook good, the truth is it takes its toll.

Because you rob one area of needed attention to supplement another in focus, you’re trying to finish off. No matter your level of tenacity and willpower, something or someone suffers.

I am not patting myself on the back, as it could be considered a flaw. Yet, I admire the same trait in others greatly. It may seem odd that I am willing to applaud others for my shortcomings. Such is life.

My point, I’m tired. Perhaps for good reason. Or I didn’t sleep enough.

When you believe in something or feel you must accomplish something at all costs, you go the extra mile. You keep doing the same until you’re satisfied, or you drop. Should you face the latter, you pick yourself up and take another run at it.

Some consider this a representation of insanity. I like to think of it as never giving up.

Rarely, Being on the other end of my enthusiasm can be trying. Especially if you can’t perceive things the same as I do or harbor a different vantage. 99% of the time, the attention is paid to self-projects and doesn’t involve others.

But on occasion, it is relative to others, and I want to show the utmost respect to them and their values. This is a very delicate and important. Since I most likely treasure the opinion of the person I am trying to share my POV with.

On the very rarest of times, it involves something I feel in my marrow and my heart so strongly I risk becoming a nuisance. I fear and dislike these situations immensely.

They typically present choice. To keep the other individual happy or to prove your thought has value. Particularly tricky when both of you have valuable thoughts, and a common ground is essential. I am blessed to have a gifted individual on the other end of such conversations.

Having someone who listens and hears you is a rare and wonderful thing.

If that person also supplements and enhances you, so much the better.

Lastly, if that individual helps keep you in the proper lane, you have someone worth fighting for.

I admit to being tired. But I am neither insane nor giving up anytime soon.

So keep the coffee brewing.



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