I know now
I will never be capable of leaving

This place found by accident and chance.
Stairway to destination.

Platform some seek as money stream.
Others view as proving grounds.

Few realize is alive with the souls of the special.
That is what tethers me here.

Medium has become not only my baby shoes.
My training wheels, wishing well and spiritual replenish.

Also a global coffee shop of worship in a manner.

I don’t expect you to agree, feel the same or even understand what I write.
Each of us sees things differently, the beauty of life in action.

I know wherever I look back from in my writing journey.
Medium will have similarity of first love. Not the platform but the people which breathe life into it.

Each week now I come upon someone special, not always in author quality but soul shine.
Sometimes I follow them on a whim, others times they come to me without explanation.

I find it somewhat mystical and magically like a slice of our daily worldly life.
Like a world within a world, where words have ability to provoke thought and heal.
Where I have had opportunity to find individuals I feel I have known all along yet are new to me.

A connectivity of creativity with ability to change the world.
In baby steps and prayer, guidance and mentor, care and friendly competition.

These are but a few of the reasons I now know.
Medium has taken residence in me.



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Create, Compose traversing subject and medium. To new beginnings, journeys, destinations and the wonderful beings we meet along the way!