When did I become a nerd?

I was never a lover of school, they did their best to force me to conform to their way of writing music, poem, and story.

I was removed from Catholic school in early youth, -even then I truly believed men and women to be equal-, a story for another day perhaps.

My content would be returned dripping in red ink, I was told what century we lived in and that I MUST follow current day standards. Yeah ANOTHER story for later consumption, with a big maybe.

My parents were told of my lack of intellect, ability to fall in line, along with the educational systems concern I might never fully contribute to the betterment of society. While I laugh now, those words along with the many individuals not believing in me, nearly crushed me. They set the baseline for a life where I believed I had little to no value.

I loved looking to the sky with thought of all that may be possible. I loved to read authors who provided me escape from the mental prison I resided within while dealing with role reversal, somehow I had become the parent of the household living at my mother and fathers home. While only in thought, the environment still haunts me to this day.

I now realize the TV shows, Movies and books of science, supernatural, pretty much all but math, -the underpinning of the universe-, managed to grab my attention. In addition to saving my life and giving me role model as I looked to the future.

I progressed to live performance of music, doing better than expected, my proof some teachers cause more harm then good. Books along with other forms of entertainment warned me of the cost of driving the road of controlled substance. Sadly at the time, drugs and music were without separation so I bid them goodbye. Then to the world of computers where change is the norm while you chase knowledge trying your best to keep pace.

Finally here while I continue in the world of technology, but revisit the calling of poem and story. Oddly while reading share “The Best Free Digital Course for Aspiring Writers” from friend Dawn Bevier here on medium (BTW you should read it!). I had an AH HA, I was midstream reading when I realized how excited I was as the thought of learning something new.

I stopped reading to traverse to the blue bird(Twitter), bookmark the area of interest and follow what Dawn spoke of. Then jumped back to finish her article.

Then it hit me, while I was not sporting pocket protector, slide ruler, suspenders, HP calculator, or thick heavy glasses, the earmarks of others not my own. I realized I was a bit nerd-dish, I was just as enthusiastic at the thought of learning as I was about grabbing the leather jacket for spin on my steel horse.

“Wow, when did that happen” I thought.

The reality being, it was always there.

By just refusing to allow peoples opinion to sway me.

Get your nerd on.



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