Remotely Connected

A great time I have struggled to articulate a feeling felt, quite often single sided I suspect.

A charmed thing none the less as it is always surprising, warming, exciting and motivating.

The motivation ripples through all I do as this oddity I speak of creates energy for me.

Somewhat misleading, sometimes misconstrued, on occasion a rare connection.

The contact might be a photo, conversation, or creation of another which triggers a feeling of knowing that individual prior. Your mind does it’s best to move you along to prevent looking the fool but it persist.

Hard to describe but somewhat like being found, never knowing you were lost to begin with.

A great deal of self control is required to prevent you from channeling a golden retriever returned to it’s owner after prolonged absence. Some might assume it love, it’s not but it does not devalue it in any way. The feeling is more like a reconnect of a lost individual of great importance to you.

Yes I know it sounds crazy, and to think it is someone you have never met before, ludicrous, you question your sanity. Oh but this feeling doesn’t wonder nor sway and eventually it will make you give way to conventional thought and reach out.

The other persons typical response prevents progress and bolsters your fear of mind loss but you’ve become a dog with a bone at this point. You must learn to respect the others wishes and talk yourself down. Still you wonder what the hell it is all about, this crazy flash fascination like they are someone of fame. Someone next door you have grown with.

As frightful and disheartening as it can be on rare occasion you connect and gain confirmation when the other person makes comment expressing the same turmoil and self fight you have been through. They wait your response in hopes they haven’t just walked the plank.

There you have it, the ramblings of a mad man or curiosity on one of life secrets. Who am I to judge or say other than admit I have known it more than once. To walk into a foreign land and know your surroundings, or be on vacation swearing you know this person in front of you. I wonder if God’s sense of humor or opportunity for us to gain special knowledge.

If you have hung with me to this point then perhaps you know of what I mention.

So i ask, What is it?



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