The Human Body

The Mortal Soul
3 min readJan 1, 2023
Tasha Kamrowski

The human body is an engineering marvel as well as an artist creation of beauty in motion.

Yet most of us take it for granted daily less we pause in admiration over another body we might savor in the night. We just assume all the moving parts will continue to do so without complaint.

At the start we yearn for it to be older so we might dip in the pool of imagined pleasure and at the end we wish it was as it once began so we might experience youth once more. Along the way we poke and prod at it unhappy with all its imperfections, imagined and otherwise.

I have watch four loved ones suffer the breakdown of their bodies to finality over the last few years. While a devastating experience for both the subject and the viewer, it is also an unbelievable experience of hope and determination.

Each of us taking on the battle uniquely until the bell tolls.

All the while failing to learn one of the lessons earlier than later, it is merely a vessel. Oddly our intelligence fails us in this area as we evaluate souls throughout our life. We seem convinced taller, slimmer, more athletic, youthful, oh you name it as the filters are endless, denotes a more beautiful soul within.

How can I put this daintily so it might be properly absorbed and comprehended.
What a crock of shit.

Yes I believe that will do quite nicely as some of the most disgusting souls I have met reside within the goddess like physique. While some of the most beautiful individuals I have had the pleasure to be around have vessels of the every day pedestrian you pass without notice.

Somehow on deaths bed we are finally enlightened as to what type of soul we are really dealing with as we mourn and speak between ourselves about the life of the vessel past.

Sure there are a few out there who never learn and only reference the wealth or lack of it, intelligence or lack of it, body of gold or play dough, etc. For the most part the conversation is about the actual person not the vessel.

How wonderful it would be if we chose our loved ones and friends based on the soul and not what we see, or what they own. But these words have been uttered almost since the start of time yet the condition worsens by the day.

The human body IS a marvel, I can not take that away. In some cases that body can take your breathe away, I am as guilty as any other in the observance of such cases.

I would remind you it is nothing more than Tupperware for the soul, protecting it and doing it’s best to keep it fresh.

I see no issue in admiring the beauty of the human body as long as it is understood it has nothing to do with the soul within.

Deaths bed, I’m speaking as subject or viewer is the poorest of times to know the soul at hand.



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