The Race to Fame
A torrid tale of fleshes desire!

Oddly the more I read my fake headline the more I wanted to create content to slide beneath it like silhouette of a beautiful woman. See what I did there, yes I know cheaply cheesy but it works none the less.

The race to fame is a true hunger for many of us, I am not ashamed to admit I would love my writings to be known by the masses, hopefully in a positive manner not the poster child of what not to do.

Oh I could smooze you and tell you I want to contribute to the elevation of poetry and story but transparency dictates I admit I wouldn’t mind being famous. Who wouldn’t want to be recognized for their work in some manner? Besides I’m not brain dead, I realize my little observations in word have no business in proximity to the very authors I admire. Still the world is a crazy place and work, great or not has possibility of fame. The torrid tale is just that, the lust of fame or worse still attention and once more I plead guilty. While it is true I hope to create something worthy publishing to a great void isn’t something any author dreams of, my thought anyways.

Sorry to disappoint those seeking orgasmic relief in a short story of pleasure but you must admit that headline has hook! So for the immediate future you will need to settle on my guilt admittance and the realization the headline brought you here.

With that in mind I invite you to read Joachim Guth, the man who thought me headlines rule.



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