of Course

1 min readMar 3, 2024
AhmadReza Pishnamazi

The winds are blowing strong this morning as I play peekaboo with the moon.

I wait for my chance to capture her in a snap, between the parade of clouds taking their turn in the sky.

The chill tries to discourage me, but the warmth of creating a gift for someone special keeps me diligent.

I feel the weight of a difficult day in waiting but choose to focus on the moon’s magic instead.

Sometimes, giving of yourself exceeds feeling for yourself.

I am small beneath the morning sky. I am persistent in my desire to capture magic within my grasp.

In a small window of opportunity, she comes to me in radiance. In that moment, the lens allows another to see through my eyes.

Perhaps to feel my awe and gratefulness without the wind’s attempts of discouragement.

I have my prize to share now, small but sacred. All that I am, a patchwork of little subtle offerings.

In this massive world, I feel lost. I search for my place of rescue beneath that morning moon of play.

She must be amused watching me in effort. Perhaps even wondering what I might be trying to accomplish.

I hope to share those thoughts with her one fine summer night.




Patient of life, attempting to heal oneself by Quill. Transitioning from a profession of technology.