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A quick share of little importance to some

In a world of craziness we each crave our corner of safe and appreciation where we might have opportunity of inner peace, no matter how short the duration may be.

A place of friend and welcome where our fear of speaking our mind or pouring out our heart will not be met with ridicule. Where we are kindly corrected for being less than we can be, encouraged to be all we might be, and applauded for shining bright.

Specials places of this nature are typically discovered locally in the home of a relative, sometimes while on vacation we fall into a place it seems we have lived all our life, perhaps a book or song we feel, and on occasion a platform.

While always the danger these places are a mere facade to facilitate agenda we do so hope they are real as we surround ourselves with them like a warm comforter fresh from the dryer. Each and everyone of us is deserving of a place like that to nurture and grow us so we may in turn do the same for others.

Oddly as many of us rise we forget or choose to ignore the struggle experienced and focus only on the apex in seeking. Understandably some of us have limited resources of energy, funding, or fill in the blank with those most sensitive to you.

I wish you well, all of you and also hope to reach the top of whatever the top may be.

I also feel compelled to provide escape and help to those within the trenches of struggle as no one should be left behind. I hope each of you might also feel a twinge of the same for perhaps without knowing so you are warrior.

In this world of crazy “Word” contains the same mystic power it conveyed when Gods son walked the earth. In fact more so now than then as we watch our youth end their own lives over the words of others. We watch justice and the lack of it affected by truth and the tainting of the words used for outcome. We watch peoples lives altered in unimaginable ways based off “words”.

Just in case you have forgotten you are keepers of the power of word. You have ability to create future worlds, save souls, uplift the ill, bring global change, and reach out to that single individual in need afraid in the dark reading by what ever ambient is available.

I remember that place before reading and I enjoy small patches of the place I first mentioned to you of friend and welcome. While I may sound like a bleeding heart I hope you never forget the power you harness in writing.

Through that love you will do great things. If in that process you reap reward, better yet.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Remember you have the power.

I am honored to write along side you.




Create, Compose traversing subject and medium. To new beginnings, journeys, destinations and the wonderful beings we meet along the way!

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Create, Compose traversing subject and medium. To new beginnings, journeys, destinations and the wonderful beings we meet along the way!

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