You know the main soundtrack from The Shinning

example of the movie poster

Dies irae

You know, the 1980 Stanley Kubrick film with Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, Danny Lloyd, Philip Stone & Scatman Crothers. Based on the 1977 horror novel by author Stephen King after he and his wife’s stay at the Stanley Hotel.

My God, it’s like pulling teeth, “you!, yes you in the back row, are you with me yet?” “Yes, yes, the remake was also stellar, yes, excuse me!, may I proceed?”

I swear I have never had to work so hard to set the table on such an insignificant share. SIGH.

As I was eluding to, that song …, “really?, again with the remake. How about you write a post on the remake and you let me finish my share before everyone falls fast asleep. THANK YOU!”

OK, where was I, the song. Close your eyes and imagine it playing in the background of your mind.

That is exactly what I have dealing with for the last few days. Each moment my attention begins to fade or loose focus, BAM!, it starts playing.

Why?, I’ll tell you why, because I made myself a promise, then went out and purchased two, yes two new pairs of running shoes.

And?, well I am embarrassed to admit since I picked them up the box’s have been collecting dust on the dining room table. Oh yes my wife is just thrilled with the new design addition to the dining room.

“Must I summon security, I see you raising your hand in the back row, for the love of God can we drop the remake all ready? Oh, forgive me, yes what is your question. Relevance?, oh I see, please allow me to clarify.”

The song is my minds way of motivating me, of letting me know it will continue to pursue me until I put the shoes to use. My mind has put me on notice.

“I see you have another question, maybe you should step forward for all to have a better listen?”

“Steven Weber?”

I give up



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