You Question

In the taste and touch of her I find life’s nourishment to sustain my vivacity.

The contour of her nape draped with angel hair wave against the gold dust shoulder teases me near for warmth and nestle. She an ocean of sensation against the sun’s horizon calling my name to seas end so we might share a moments brilliance to call our own.

Child, Siren, Goddess, Destination and Genesis complexities in flowing beauty of loves tapestry for interpretation of tactile, savor, thought and soul. She elasticities me beyond fears bondage alchemists she brings glitter from dust.

Her honey drips in gaze and swag, intellect, dream and promise and I am compelled to source the nectar which feeds the heart and sweetens the vision cast in shadow. Is there treasure greater than the oceans roar or sirens call or gaze of pleasure while gasp for breath.

So delicate the fingers in grasp of sheet and mane they hide true steel in sum by nurture and grace before me. Swan and lioness fires flames fan my hunger to swim the ocean and know its salts remainder. To hear song and invitation that we might swim in unison to reach sands shores.

These are the moments without rest I replay when met by trepidation and doubt knowing the ocean awaits my return so the tide may once more be in motion. The tender kiss and look of mischief I see in solitude when away beckons my return and reminds me of the seashell place. The tan lines hidden and arch of back intensifying the urgency and yearning to point of distraction where I am neither present nor past.

In the darkness of night I surrender to your whim in presence and in absence for neither sleep nor dream has ability to move my thought beyond you. The moons glow highlight of your terrain I memorize in sight and palm against the glimmer of the eyes shine I bask within when near. These are the memories no one shall take from me earthbound or other until I am no more and then beyond.

You stand beside me in form and thought, the now and then, the time to come, the new world beyond the one beneath my feet. In lust and love, in color and shadow, in light and the stark of black and white for time may not affect us as we swim the ocean to distant shores. All we know is the crest of the wave which carries us weightless against time without limit.

An eternity and an instant the tease of tide depending on the side viewed from for anticipation is without end and the pleasure never long enough. In asking “how do I love you” I flail as if to describe the meaning of life in sentence and in vain. You persist after all I have noted in word and in action so I pose in response an inquiry to you.

If I fail to exist without your nourishment are they not one in the same, the meaning of life and the definition of my love for you.



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